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Oil recomendations

I need to top up with oil as the level in showing a smidge above minimum, Last time I topped it up I used Shell Helix Ultra AV-L 5W-30, however this is not available anymore and the garage could not tell me the replacement for this, anyone have any hint to what I need to top up with, the car is on the long life service schedule...

Are you using standard spec oil or running something different becuase you are stage2?

Standard spec as far as I am aware. It's been serviced at AUDI since the stage 2 and I can't see them putting anything but standard in it

VW 504 00 compliant 5W-30 oil is the spec.

I imagine Audi will have used Castrol Edge Professional.

You can buy Catrol Edge FST (I believe the same as pro but without the UV dye) very reasonably from motor factors or pro from the dealer.

Thanks Graham, off to Eurocar parts as they are a deal on at the moment

I've just bought Castro Edge Titanium 5W30 from Costco for 32 per 4L
Adrian E

My local dealer uses Shell 0w30 - can't remember which one without grabbing the top up bottle out of the boot.

Hopefully oilman will be along with some advice!

I'd personally not worry too much about VAG spec, and run a decent ester synthetic oil, preferably in 5w40 grade (if you are experiencing oil loss due to breathing with 5w30).

I personally use Millers CFS NT 5w40, but oilman advised me on the phone that any of the decent ester synthetics (Gulf competition, Pro S, 300V, Motul Sport, CFS etc) will do a sterling job, especially given the oil temperatures these cars run even as standard.

I'm happy spending an extra 20 on oil over a standard synthetic or VAG spec oil. I'm a little anal though, and go even as far as to spend another 30 on Oil Analysis every oil change too - whats an extra 50 for a better oil and analysis every 5,000miles when I run a 500bhp Stage2 S4? It's less than a tank of fuel extra  

What's your oil temperature PhilM ? in different circumstances of course

Millers Oils NANODRIVE EE LongLife 5w-30 Full Synthetic Engine Oil is what I use

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