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Oil warning light intermittently coming on

On my UrS4 I'm getting the red oil can coming on a few seconds after initial startup when cold, goes out within a few seconds or stays on for a few  hundred yards then goes out and doesn't come back on!

Its intermittent so I've changed the oil pressure sensor this week, but its still coming on ...oil is up at the max on the dipstick and at idle I have just below 2 bar oil pressure climbing to about 4.75 bar when driving.

Is there any other oil sensors ?


Oil can warning light is for low oil level in the sump not oil pressure. Likely you have a faulty sensor for measuring oil level if it's actually full.

Anything low oil pressure is accompanied by a warning buzzer from under the dash. (Not something you ever want to hear)

It comes up on the autocheck, googled it earlier, there's a sensor on the sump so I'll get that checked / replaced at the next oil and filter change, the fact its intermittent could also be an old code coming up ?

anyway the engines running sweet as a nut and plenty of oil and pressure.

Found this on another forum:

What you reckon to this :

Sorry, my bad terminology!

1 there are 2 oil pressure switches, low and high pressure either of which can cause the buzzer and warning light (under the conitions described)
Typically 1 of them may be mounted on the oil filter mounting, but could be anywhere on the engine block tapped into the lubrication system

2 all I mean is that the range on the gauge seems unsuited to use in the real world. The only time the temperature gauge needle rises seems to be under sustained high speed use eg a trackday.

3 My 20v has a group of 3 or 4 small gauge wires (<2mm cross section)with brown insulation these terminate in a connector with an 'eye' which is fitted to a 6mm stud on the rear of the inlet manifold. 2 of mine were damaged and my car was intermittently throwing oil level alarms on the autocheck and misfiring which developed into a full cut out. I don't know that one of these earths would be for the pressure warning system, but may be worth checking?

? might explain my occasional engine cut outs ?

Back to me .... hmmm !!! I have had this before but fortunately its not happened for a few months now !... Forum Index -> Audi urS4/S6 quattro
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