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Oil Warning Lights

Morning lads

Also posted on RS246 so apologies for any duplication! Long story short oil warning light came up on the dash B8 S4 and duly checked with dipstick and it was at minimum. I duly added a 1litre as usual no problems apart from the light will not disappear. I've had it before where it takes a couple of days but I'm approaching 10 days now. Subsequently had a mechanic mate completely change the oil and filter as I do very 5000 miles and he tried wiping the codes with Vagcom once again no luck.

Any ideas? Only thing I've read if is bonnet catch switch/sensor may have packed up if so anybody get any idea of part numbers?


8K0-823-509-F appears to be the part you require

Cheers mate! Forum Index -> Audi S4, S5, RS 5, RS 4 (B8) quattro
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