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omg , 150,000 Quattro

Nice but i prefer Kim's Red one.

The colour does nothing for the car.

I would, not in that colour though. Red, black or pearl. I bet it would look awesome in sprint too.

now this is the best colour.


pjbs wrote:
now this is the best colour.


Sport quattro, one of the coolest Audis ever, much cooler then an R8 IMO.

dreamcar , but it has to be red , nothing else is acceptable. at the same time , if i had an original like the one from the bay, i don't know if i would change its color...

i work next to oakfields the bloke selling works from home and what home he has, you can just pop in there and have a look around he does have some nice cars alot of old school rally cars and just a tad over priced to be honest   what would be a realistic price for the audi????

I'd love one no matter what colour it was!

quite a price but I saw an S1 for sale once here at 350 !

I hate to break this to you guys, another sport sold recently for 145k.

The price isn't too far off, a few years ago you could pick one up for 70k - but quattros are popular again!

genuine ex works rally quattros range from 250k for not much history (most likely LWB A2). At the top end you can pay millions, but that would be a proper sorted car with very special history

I'd stay away from one that still has the original alloy block, they crack when they get driven hard!!!

Original block is a plus! Buy the car then you get sell the block for plenty to a classic audi rally car owner, those blocks are rare! Forum Index -> Audi Ur quattro
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