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Great News!

Following on, and in addition to, our successful car insurance scheme, we’ve launched a brand new ONLINE TRAVEL INSURANCE service on the Chris Knott website.

You can now get competitive travel insurance using our online quote facility at We've only went live with this 2 weeks ago and already we've done 32 policies! (This without it being widely advertised!)

Whether you’re after single trip, annual or long-stay cover for yourself, your family or a whole group, our quick and easy quote system can help.

You can even get a quick quote based on minimal details to give you a rough idea of the price before proceeding to the full quote.

Check out our competitive rates at now!

Just a reminder considering we're entering the holiday season!

Remarkably, when we launched this on the forums a few months ago, it trebled the business so please feel free to get an instant online quote for single trip or annual, European or Worldwide....

Just click on and hit any of the QUOTE NOW boxes then use the dropdown boxes to tailor your quote. Forum Index -> Chris Knott Insurance
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