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Panoramic sunroof jam

Hey chaps

As per title, the misses was showing her nephew the panoramic sunroof last night (as u do while it's dark,cold and pi55in it down lol)and the dam thing jammed.....😡 Not happy 1 bit, lucky enough a gentle push from the passenger side and it dropped into place thankfully.

This morning I found a link that showed the TSB for the sunroof on the A4 Avant and it states that it should be lubricated regularly and the rubber grease used to keep the seals supple thus stopping it from jamming as mine did and stops the whistling due to the seals been nice and soft.

So after the story...... What I need is this care kit, part numbers below.

Any ideas where I could locate these other than at Audi ?

G 052 141 A2 special lubricating paste for the seals (not sure what this is ?)

G 055 751 A2 lubricating grease for runners etc (lithium white grease) can get some of this.

Your help will be much appreciated

Thank u please 👍

Just use petroleum jelly.  Does the trick.

xxx_mojo_xxx wrote:
Just use petroleum jelly. Does the trick.

I could ye but i worry it will attract unwanted dirt and dust that will be attracted to it.

Think I've found what I looking for now anyway but thanks for advice, gona go with the Gummi rubber care stick (to rejuvenate the rubber) and see me white silicon grease for runners etc. Job done for under a tenner.

Looking through invoices from Audi, they have charged the previous owner 143 to do it in the past..... Wowzerz

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