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Pembrey track day 6th September

I,m booked to go with Motorsport Events, there are still places available. Be good to see some other Audis there . Let me know if any of you SRSers fancy it.

Fabulous day, really friendly crowd, beautiful weather, at a really interesting track, attending were an audi r8 v10, 996 c4s, 997  997S 6 Subarus, 3 Evos a dozen mx5s , half a dozen Elise an Exiges. And around a dozen tin top Fwd cars. The day went open pit within an hour. Biggest surprise of was how well balanced rx8s can be and how grippy they are with 11" slicks on.The avant was faultless for 90 laps, she used 2 full tanks petrol, 7 liters of water meths and a set of 50% worn slicks. At the end of a hard stint, EGT and oil temps and AP racing brakes were all still brilliant, my concentration was the only thing failing. Only a time attack Evo and a big turbo MX5 were close to the Audi pace, the quickest lap being 68 seconds. A better driver using all of the run off on 90mph plus turns would have been alot quicker still. To sum the track up, very flowing, always turning, loads of balanced throttle, generous run off for the over committed. Perfect playground for your S or RS
mad baja

Only down the road will have to keep an eye out for next year
pdh 14a

Another local here too that forgot about this Forum Index -> Events & Gatherings
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