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Peugeot Quit Le Mans !

"Jan 18 (Reuters) - French automaker PSA Peugeot Citroen said it would withdraw from Le Mans 24-Hour endurance racing before the 2012 season, citing financial reasons.

"This decision has been taken in the context of a difficult economic environment in Europe," the Peugeot brand said in a statement on Wednesday. "Peugeot has chosen to concentrate resources on its sales performance in 2012."

They were the only real competition for Audi... So Audi are more or less guarnteed to be #1, they should switch back to petrol to make it more competitve and intresting now, they have proven their point with TDI.

Another link from Autosport Website

Shame.  Last years battle for the crown was epic, even more tense after two of the Audis were taken out by backmarkers in spectacular fashion leaving one lone Audi to soldier on and pip the leader of four Peugeots by 14 seconds after 24 hours.........

He knew when he lost:


Would the governing body allow Audi to race this year in Le Mans being as far as I can think of, the sole diesel entrant?

No one else can get anywhere near the tdi's so unless we get shunted off the track it's pretty much a race win in the bag

In fact now that Pug has withdrawn altogether where does this leave Audi in the other series we compete in ??

Has Pug pulled the carpet from under our feet as well ??  

What a surprise eh? Really out of the blue!

Only a french team could get away with dicking the ACO and the FIA at such short notice. Especially after the pressure that was brought to bear to create the WEC

Sod em if that's how they want to play. Peugeot's tactics towards the end of the 2011 race were a disgrace but Audi still beat them with only one car running

Audi and Porsche's wins at Le-Mans are super impressive. It is very difficult to win there, especially when there is a french team competing for the top spot!

I hope Audi go back to petrol now, they've proved their point now and it isn't intresting when you know they will always win because they are the only diesel cars around, with Peugoet it was at least a little intresting as Audi weren't more or less *guarnteed* to win.

nothings guaranteed though, as has been said and has happened in the past, one crash or mechanical failure and its all over, the successes peugeot  have had has really helped sales of there diesel cars worldwide. Forum Index -> Motorsport
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