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Photos of my car

I haven't been fair on my latest car, I have loads of photos of my original S8 on here but not many of the new one. So armed with a new toy (Nikon D90) and taking advantage of living in the lovely 'Royal Leamington Spa' I set of for a day of taking pictures.

Now, I'm still very much amateurish and on some photos didn't get the focus/effects desired so this is very much a first attempt. I will get better the more I practise. Here are a few photos for you guys to enjoy.

I really liked these ones of the headlight washers, they would have looked a lot better if I put actual screenwash in there as the foam would have looked cool, but I don't like chemicals on my paintwork stripping my wax. :tuttut:

Another angle

Others (I reckon these would look good in black & white)

I haven't got many interior ones and the one really good one I got I deleted by mistake so this one is of focus but I thought I'd post some anyway.

I think this car really needs a private numberplate, something like V8 *** as the long V registration lets the pictures down a little in my opinion.

So what do you guys reckon? The photos haven't been edited in photoshop yet so will look better eventually.

Amar, car looks great, agree on the plate too.

Try the DVLA, they have loads of V8 plates at sensible money, suggest the engine code>?  Not sure what yours is>>>?

Engine code is a great idea, but I won't have this car for long and it needs a cambelt,waterpump,thermostat first so I will leave the plate for the new owner to decide on. Think its AQH btw.

thats some back garden wall Amar!!

yep...get a V8...reg plate...oR A4 POT      

nice car, debadge the S8 grill badge  i think you have had bad luck lately

regs Rich

Some nice pics there, you need to look a bit deeper into them though!
You say the interior shot is out of focus, but look at it again, its a shot that most people would of taken out of choice! The stitching is perfectly in focus and works well

Agree with Dest, Im liking the interior shot, the whole image makes sense and does what it supposed to do and thats attract you to the important quality and stitching

Great pics. I love the subtle menace of the '8'.

I've taken many hundreds of arty farty shots of my last few cars but for some reason I have hardly taken any of the Audi.

I guess picking it up in September just before the onset of winter hasn't helped.

Amar, looking cool buddy.  

Ah but you see guys, the stitching actually goes all the way through the door card, so wanted to get all of it in the picture but its blurred some of it out! I'll get some better shots to show you what I mean. The Nikon D90 is a great camera by the way, everyone here should get one.

Lovely looking amar  

You can see the stitching goes all the way along it, but if it was ALL in focus it would not be as good a photo

I see what you mean now Dest, its actually really fun all the different ideas and ways there are of taking any ahot. Really got my creative juices flowing today.
The interior is the best part of the car so I'll update this thread with some better interior pictures soon.

Thats right, You would be seeing too much, just the corner detail makes that a better pic.

Post up the other shot when you do it though!

Looking very nice.  Warwick Castle by any chance??

Will do Dest, yep that was Warwick Castle. I'm going to get a few shots by Kenilworth Castle next.

5 mins in photoshop... would of done the for sale sign removal better given more time!



Thanks Dest, much better without the for sale sign. Took a few more today. Weather wasn't on my side though

The next two are just ideas for a sig and not very good quality

Some of the RNS E


Amar, again great photography and very classy looking car. I would love an S8 D2 or even an A8 D2 or 3. Superb!  

Thanks Marc, although not as quick as your RS 4. The D2 has some nice touches. Colour DIS, double armrests,double glazing as standard and loads of cool gadgets, like driver and passenger seat memory and the person sitting behind the passenger in my car can at the push of a button make the front passenger seat go forward so they have extra leg room. I'll get some interior shots by next week and keep this thread updated. Forum Index -> Audi S8 (D2, D3 & D4) quattro
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