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Possibly viewing an A8 4.2 Quatro

I'm looking at a 4.2 A8 Quattro with a view to potentially buying.

1997, 18'' original Alloys, Cream Electric Leather etc.

Very short MOT.

What should I be looking to pay and what should I look out for? (common problems etc.)
Adrian E

Got a link to the advert?  Might be easier to spot any issues with pics etc.

Main things are the usual stuff like cambelt change (with water pump and thermostat, ideally), that none of the expensive bits are broken/due to be changed (brakes/tyres/trim)

Check the gearbox works OK, ideally check with VAG-COM to see if there's stored faults for stuff like F125 switch faults (box will go into limp mode if it happens on test drive - usually when you 1st put it in R or D)

No advert for it it's through a mate. Car looks great on the exterior, very clean!

Is the suspension/brakes any special expensive stuff? Ie Air suspension etc.

What power do these put out as standard? It's a dark metallic purple with cream leather.
Adrian E

suspension and brakes are pretty standard stuff - shouldn't be any issues there if it's been looked after.  Any clonking means there's joints needing replacing, which can get expensive.  Should track utterly straight and go over most bumps without a creak.

The A8 4.2 is a more relaxed cruiser than the S8 - gearing is different so should be a great wafter but don't expect to see fuel economy beginning with a 3 unless your a saint and drive round with the air-con switched off!

Think it should be about 300 brake as standard

Have a browse of the A8 Parts forum if you want more in depth info - lot more knowledge available there than I have!


It is most likely going to have the DTD gearbox which is supposed to be the most unreliable, then again. My brother in law 'Ranj' on here has a 97 A8 with 150k and it is still going okay, he done 30k last year. It may have the earlier 5 speed gearbox. I had that in an A8 and it did 220k miles. With any luck its the stronger 4 speed gearbox.  The boxes do hunt a little on these, its pretty much normal though.
Sounds like its the sport. It should have S8 ride height and seats/steering wheel, double glazing, heated front seats, memory seats, electric seats and steering heck even electric seatbelt height adjustment and headrests. It may have extras such as blinds, bose.
Suspension problems are the same as any other A4/6. It will be the 300 BHP ABZ in that, cambelt every 80k. Look at the A8 Parts forum and Audipages for more info, any parts you need. They are fantastic cars and you won't regret it. Forum Index -> Audi S8 (D2, D3 & D4) quattro
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