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Previous car collection

Ok members,  it's a lovely weekend let's see what interesting rides you have had.


Clio 172 cup
Clio 182 cup
Megane 225 cup
Megane 250

Kids came along.. Lol

Octavia vrs petrol estate
Audi s4 advant black edition,  revo stage 1


Some good renaults there ! I'm getting a 250/265 cup next or maybe a 275 Trophy

Good luck mate they are a fantastic car and really a joy to drive.  With having two kids I had to sell it. Mine was a black one

I had a clio trophy 182 (#185) followed by a Megane 230f1. Both fantastic cars, but I'd love to get another trophy. Chopped the Megane in for a Chimaera 400 before having to spend a few years shedding in a Volvo s40, a battered mk1 mr2 and a rusty but silky smooth c320 merc. Kids came along and I got a black edition A6 ultra avant. First and likely only diesel I'll own. Had it 18 months before jumping into the current S4.

Now I'm just waiting for MRC to crack the CREC engine! 😜

Nova saloon
Several Colt gti's
Pulsar gti-r
St-205 gt4
A4 1.8t Quattro sport
8L S3
B5 RS4
Clio 172 to use while I had the engine out the RS a few years ago.

this thread means nothing without pictures (hint hint)

I only have pictures from the gti-r onwards.


Fantastic list of cars there. Really takes me back thinking about them. Like the cup 172, an original roller skate on wheels!!  Have to admit I was terribly disappointed with the octavia vrs, I shouldn't have bought it....

I,ll try and post my s4


Started with a Fiesta 1.6Si, loved the velour buckets on this

Then after its untimely demise got a Rover 25 1.6iS

Then onto my first "quick" car, a clio 16v

Moved to RWD and my first forced induction with a S14 200SX

My first Scooby, this thing was a money pit

Then a rare Soarer TT

Then had a shared 350Z with the wife due to having a company car

Then back to a scoobie of my own after changing job

That was changed for an Evo IX GT, bit too mental for daily use so didn't keep it long but it was a laugh with antilag

Then went all sensible with my first B8 S4 prior to my current one


Loving the pulsar and B5s from Ian52
Professor Peach

ian52 wrote:

Much Faffing Goodness there Ian!  


Some great toys all round of course!

Ok current daily:

Derv VRS

previous 4 dailys:

Another smaller Derv VRS

Dog of a mk5 gti:

A C6 Allroad that I shouldnt have sold:

A c5 allroad that was awesome:

Couple of Mk2 golf gti 8vs:

Beril the red peril

and the black one that got nicked:

My old K04 hybrid S3:

And the one and only, my personal all time favorite B5 RS4:




U owned a nearly cool car once!

Good collection Dane

+1 for your parting statement

Some that I can remember (not including wife's cars/many Vauxhalls that I broke/cars I had on long term loan etc),.....passed my test in 1991.

81 Astra MK1 1300s GL
88 Nova SR
86 Nova Sport
85 Manta GTE Coupe
88 Fiesta XR2
86 Manta GSi Coupe
83 MK1 Opel Kadett GTE
92 Renault 21 Savanah (company car)
95 Mondeo GLX TD (company car)
89 Peugeot 205 GTi
94 Mondeo Si saloon (RS kit)
93 Cavalier SRi Red Top
86 Nova Sport
86 Nova SR (Sport replica)
98 Vectra CDX V6
90 Cavalier GSi
88 Nova 1.2L (2.0 16v sleeper)
93 Cavalier Turbo
91 Astra GTE MK2 (280bhp stripped out turbo sleeper)
99 S4 Nogaro Avant
95 Golf MK3 1.8 GL (drum carrier for gigs)
99 Audi A6 2.7T Quattro Sport Avant
01 Peugeot 406 HDi 110 estate (another workhorse/drum carrier)
00 BMW M5 5.0 V8
03 Mondeo ST220 estate.
05 Subaru Impreza Prodrive Estate
98 S4 Nogaro Avant


Professor Peach

Noggymike wrote:


U owned a nearly cool car once!

Almost a compliment there Mike.

FYI I have always owned almost cool cars. Just never actually cool!      

aidank1981 wrote:
this thread means nothing without pictures (hint hint)


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