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Problem with Turbo on S3

Hi guys;

Wondering if you lot can help me...

Ive bought an 8L S3 for my wife a few months ago but due to work commitments etc and the fact that she didnt like it lol it hasnt been driven.

Ive had some time off work and got the car cleaned and put back on road but having some probs.

First of all when driving it; it down on power; almost like the turbo isnt doing anything at all; but when you rev it you can hear the turbo whistling...

Ive connected it to the vagcom and its bought up a n249 fault code but at close inspection it looks like the n249 has been bypassed which makes me think is the reason its bringing up that code.

Now i cant seem to find any decent mechanics in my area and most are full of sh1t. Im based in berkshire; can you reccommend someone and does anyone have any ideas on exactly what it could be...

One dopey mechanic has told me the turbo is gone; but i think its something along the lines of a vacuum leak.

Any ideas??

Help would be much appreciated

perhaps the whistling is the sound of a boost leak!  And that is why its down on power??

guymcc wrote:
perhaps the whistling is the sound of a boost leak!  And that is why its down on power??

How can I check were the boost leak is coming from?

Anyone recommend any decent mechanics in berkshire?

The Phirm in Hook.

Or Badger5 in Gloucester - they are THE 1.8t experts.

All over an hour away from me...

khurum0786 wrote:
All over an hour away from me...

Well, you'd better stick with the dopey ones near to you then and not sort the problem!

Fwiw, I'm in Southampton and use MRC in Banbury - 2 hrs away, the Phirm in Hook - 1 hour away and when I had my S3 Badger5 in Gloucester also about 2 hours away.

I would def travel an hour to get it looked at by someone who knows these cars!  It's only an hour!

I've taken this from ASN but the way to check for leaks on vcds:

Easiest way is to check block 032.

There are two fields in the block, and both belong to fuel trims.

Left hand one is short term adaption, right hand one is long term adaption. Left hand one is the one to look at in this instance.

Make a note of these two figures. Reset the fault codes (even if there are none), as this will clear the fuel trim data back to 0% for both blocks.

Then start the motor and log block 032. If the value in the left hand block steadily climbs to or past the 3-4% area, it's normally a good indication of a leak.

The N249 if deleted should still be electrically connected, so check it is. Check all pipe work and the clsmps are tight. Signs of oil from the pipes are signs of leaks.

I had the same problem with the Mrs car when she bought it, I chucked a genuine Airmass sensor on it and it flew but then soon after that it became intermittent with loss of boost, so I changed the N75 valve but replaced it for a posh N75H valve and has been going great ever since.
I didn't read codes though as I knew these were prone to failing so just went for it  

low boost can be many things on the 1.8ts but here is a list you can start with as you have vcds

check the N75 duty
log actual and requested boost via vcds
log MAF
check lines going to and from the n75
check DV
turbo intake pipe can be split  
boost pipes
breather system under the inlet manifold

then i would check the turbo is spinning freely, also a crack in the turbine housing is also common.

hope this helps Forum Index -> Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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