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Problematic intermittent wipe

Good evening all

I've recently purchased a C6 RS6, which, besides a few minor issues, I'm massively happy with.  

One of my issues is with the intermittent wiper setting.

When I move the wiper level to the intermittent wipe, the wipers will wipe the window once, as expected.
They should then wipe accordingly, depending on the moisture on the windscreen and the sensitivity setting on the wiper lever, yes?
My problem is they never wipe the windscreen again, unless I move the sensitivity lever again (where they'll wipe once only again, but never wipe again after that).
Is there a setting in the MMI that I'm unaware of?
I've read the manual but found nothing to suggest that it's configuration.

There are no VAGCOM codes suggesting any problems with the wipers.

Does this sound like an issue and/or has anyone experienced it before?

any pics on here of the new car mate.

So with a wet & rainy windscreen, the wipers (when in Auto) only wipe if you move the sensitivity switch?

Sounds like a knackered sensor but I'm surprised VAGCOM doesn't pick it up!

Exactly, yes.
That was my thought also...

It's booked in to MRC the week after next, so I'm going to get them to check it out whilst there.


Any updates

Any progress with this? I have the same issue on a 2007 S6.......... Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C6) quattro
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