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Propshaft to gearbox torque?

Argh.... mid way engin install and my elsa is knackered!

I need the tightening torqius of the drove shafts and proper shaft to gearbox flange.

OI did search and this is the driveshaft ones:
Tightening torques:
Bolt M8 x 48: 40 Nm
Bolt M10 x 48: 80 Nm

Can anyone tell me the propshaft to gearbox torque?
Thanks in advance!

Tightening torques:
M8 = 40 Nm, M10 = 70 Nm


Propshaft to gearbox
(output flange)
55 Nm

Propshaft to final drive
(input flange)
55 Nm

Centre propshaft bearing to body
23 Nm

Heat shield for propshaft to gearbox
23 Nm

Cross member to body
25 Nm

Nuts for clamp
40 Nm


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