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Quality work, top bloke, highly recommended

I recently had a visit to Niall getting my downpipes upgraded. Previously I had the full Milltek setup on there, with 2.5 inch downpipes, 100 cell sports cats and the full dual system. The drone at just over 2000 rpm did my head in, as that coincides with 60 mph in top. Living in rural Scotland I spend a lot of time driving around this speed and I had finally had enough.

I was assured by those more experienced that a set of three inch downpipes would make it quieter, after a very agreeable visit to Niall I can confirm they do! Clearly some kind of resonance at work in the cabin, as outside the car I would say the bigger pipes are louder. I spent the afternoon at his facility in Musselburgh back in May as I was en route south to MRC for a service and map tweak.

Niall is a great guy to deal with, personable polite and genuine. He is also an Audi enthusiast with a modified B5 S4 and is an experienced mechanic with a wheels free ramp right beside all the fabrication gear. More importantly though, his workmanship is clearly excellent. Careful attention to detail, quality materials and thorough execution all combined with lovely welding make for high quality fabrications. Based on my experience I highly recommend him and I hope to be using more of his stuff in the future.

Here we have a B5 inspired test fixture!


Niall sizing up my car


Neat reduction and join


I wish the underneath of my car was stainless, not exactly easy on the eyes.


Post some tweaking of the map at MRC. Note I was on a fairly conservative map before.


So in summary the upgraded system is much quieter in the cabin and gives more power.

Looks superb, I also have the same 2.5" DP's, and want more power, cheeky questions, what ballpark were the costs, PM if you would rather.

Everything he has built has looked 100% spot on, his welding is fantastic and seems to have a genuine passion for the job he does, i fancy the 3" system he has but with longer tail pipes. Forum Index -> Originiall Fabrications
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