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R8 first fault! - A/C not functioning?

Ok, so its not really been warm enough for about 3 years to need A/C but a couple of weeks ago that wierd burning ball thing appeared in the sky and everyone went outside!

I was driving back from Wakefield and it was a stunning day - the temperature crept into double figures, and, as I recall, hit 17!!

Well, you can imagine, in my snug cabin with a roaring V8 behind me and with 14 layers on as it was -10 the day before, it was getting warm.

"no problem" I think - hitting the A/C button (probably the ONLY button or feature I've not played about with since getting the car after Christmas).

But it lights up, then goes out as soon as you let go!

So, no A/C, which for the weeks since hasnt been an issue, but on the offchance we get Sun again..

Can anyone shed a light before I have to book it in somewhere?

Does the switch activate a relay which activates a pump, or is it simpler? Am I looking at a switch failure or....?!

I am presuming the A/C is similar on other models?

Unit is the same as a TT

sorry posted in error.

Cheers dk - as for the fault? No one got any ideas?!

Check the fault codes for a starting point.

Ah, thanks - will see if there's anyone nearby with vagcom..

Hadn't thought of that!

That can also be the warning that there is no gas in the system.

If you've had the aircon turned off for an extended period you may well have a leak. Failed pressure switch will do the same thing.

justs noticed this post and that I hadnt updated it - QST diagnosed and fixed a faulty valve at the front of the car (oddly I had heard a hissing not long after buying the car and chased all round thinking I had a puncture!) - So Alex was right, the button light coming on and going straight off indicates no pressure in the system.

Seems the valve had dumped all the A/c gas but luckily no damage done - replaced, repressurised and its been fine since - lovely cold cabin - mmmmm.

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