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R8 V10 Akrapovic


listen to the Akrapovic !!!!!!

That sounds awesome...

Sounds pretty brutal, but it's in a confined space. Lets get some of it on the road, tunnel, inside the cabin.

They make a very good pipe (obviously as they supply Audi sport and customer team racing) but I was put off by the price I don't mind admitting!

The Capristo does sound very very similar, maybe even better top end where the Akrovic is slightly more cultured at idle and low revs.

Having had bikes for years and knowing this brand the quality is secong to none.  I can only guess what the price would be as some bike systems are 1k+

killa sound ! i didnt know they made exhaust for cars iv got one on my bike best of the best in my eyes

link to website has a video and 3 sound bites of R8 Forum Index -> Audi R8 quattro
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