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R8 V10 issues

G'day lads,

I was in Malaysia for holidays and cousin of mine had an R8 V10 and reported to me it had issues.

Was lucky to have a vcds cable with me and found this codes:-

That fault(went into limp mode) occurred a month before I arrived and what he did was switch off the engine and fire it up again and it was running which what appears to be normal again.

So what I did was saved the fault code and erased it seeing it was intermittent. I did a TB alignment as he said the battery once went flat as it's barely driven.

So I took it for a drive and noted a massive flatspot at around 6000rpm-7500rpm.

Scanned it again this fault came up. :-

It appears the MAP sensor is faulty or ECU related?
FYI..The car is barely driven but well cared.

Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Thanks in advance!

Marc R

I'd start with deleting the faults and perform a throttle body alignment.

After that see which faults are coming back.

Thanks for the reply.

I deleted the faults seeing it's intermittent and none of them came back but the last one ie internal altitude/pressure sensor fault popped up and did not proceed further. Forum Index -> Audi R8 quattro
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