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Doomsday Runner

R8 V10 Miltek Race Exhaust & Custom Code Map

Just had a Miltek Race exhaust & Custom Code VVT Attack remap completed by JBS Auto Designs, first impressions are WOW!  The map has replaced an existing remap I was running since last March and already I can see huge improvements over the old map. Will write full review when I have had more time with the car on the road, but first impressions are great. Again I d like to thank James and all his team at JBS Auto Designs for being so professional

Welcome, lovely looking/sounding car, I had this pipe on mine and loved it tbh!

Do you have a dyno plot?
Doomsday Runner

I dont unfortunately, sorry

Has the car been on a dyno pre/post map though or Vbox data?
Doomsday Runner

They used V Box data

Are you able to get hold of the data they recorded?
Doomsday Runner

Im sure James could supply, ill have a word

Love the tunnel sounds and looks wicked. Nice place to get some video clips too, wonder what the jogger thought!!

To get any PS/BHP figures from the car out of the performanceBox (or whatever they have) they would have had to perform a specific test and know the weight of the car, fuel and driver etc.

They more likely have some in gear times that may be of more use to you but it's always nice to have the actual output of the car if possible.
JBS Sales

JBS Video of R8 V10 with VVT Attack and Milltek Race Exhaust

A quick video we put together of JBS Auto Designs fitting a Milltek exhaust to Doomsday Runner's Audi R8 V10. The engine sounds in the beginning are actual recordings we did once the new exhaust had been fitted.

The R8 was remapped by Custom-Code with a Phase 2 VVT map to enable launch control, left foot braking and to produce approximately 590 bhp!

Use the link below to watch the Youtube Video:

Love the vid of the change, it's a ball ache aye!!

My car didn't throttle cut when left foot braking from standard?

And why "enable launch control"?... it's also standard.

Would be interested to see a dyno plot, 600PS would be awesome work  

Very nice !!  sounds awesome ..... Great choice on the C-C MAP,   JBS is very good

That's a good vid, sounds stunning, good work  

Vbox figures? 100-200km/h, 0-60/100mph looked brutal
Doomsday Runner

Really happy with the excellent work by JBS, will be out for a long run in the car with Supercardriver tomorrow, cant wait [/img] Forum Index -> Audi R8 quattro
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