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Raikkonen signs for Renault

Apparently....I still can't call them Lotus.  Wonder who will get the other seat, Petrov or Senna.

That's a good move for all of them then. I wonder if he will be a bit more 'interested' next year?

Senna for the second car surely?

Kubica probably won't get back into F1, will he

Kimi Raikkonen ....Mr Miserable. What about Robert Kubica?

Kimi is not as miserable as some think....he is actually a party animal but hates the press.

Kubica to replace Massa in 2013

Now the season is over, it's quite an interesting time to watch the comings and goings in the teams.

Hulkenberg has a seat at Force India, so assume Sutil is going (and Paul Di Resta staying) - is he going to replace Barichello and is Barichello's F1 driving career now over?

Do you think Kubica will get fit enough to come back into F1?

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