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Rear brake replacement

Anyone done a DIY job on the rear brakes?

I take it's just the added step of using VCDS to wind the electronic handbrake  in and back out when you're done?

I've found a few guides and it seems straight forward enough, just the handbrake wigging me out. Seems strange that you also have to wind the caliper back in further with a tool after you've "turned the hand brake off".

Got OEM discs and pads from TPS for 175 inc. VAT for reference.


looks like you need to enter a pad thickness too:

I'll give it a bash and see what happens.

Good luck Dane. Let us know, we need more b8 knowledge.

buzzard wrote:
Good luck Dane. Let us know, we need more b8 knowledge.

Cheers dude, the only slightly worrying thing so far is Ross tech emphasizing needing to connect a battery charger so the battery doesnt drain whilst you're doing the work.

I dont have one...

The difference is their instructions, here:

Say turn the ignition off after you'e cycled the parking brake in.

But a lot of other videos just leave the ignition on.

Surely if you dont want to risk it, turning the ignition off would preserve more battery life, thoughts?

Did mine last week, it was a piece of cake.
I didn't use a battery charger as I know my battery is in good condition. I believe the park brake servo unit is very sensitive to voltage fluctuations which is why you're supposed to use a charger.

1 take off the wheels
2 vcds parking brake, begin pad lining replacement (leave the ignition and vcds on while you change the brakes)
3 uplug the elektronic brake and unbolt the calipers
4 push in the pistons from the calipers, rewind tool recommended, but can be done without...
5 unbolt caliper carrier
6 change discs
7 bolt the carrier back on
8 replace pads
9 put the caliper back on and plug it in
10 vcds parking brake, end pad lining replacement
11 put wheels on
12 take for a spin and use the park brake (it trows a code untill you used it)

Thanks chaps, I'll give it a go tomorrow afternoon and report back

Well... that was fun...

Working around the electronic parking brake was easy really, what wasn't easy was having to drill out both of the disc retaining screws that were made of cheese. An impact driver would have helped, but they were both well and truely bloody seized.

Glekke's process was pretty much spot on, although I didn't unbolt the caliper carriers, the disc slid out with a little jiggling. And I didn't unplug the epb, just removed the caliper and supported it.

Battery wise I think I opened the calipers and left the ignition on for about half an hour four times and I didn't have a problem. There was a very very slight struggle to starting the engine after this but it was fine really. Forum Index -> Audi S4, S5, RS 5, RS 4 (B8) quattro
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