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Rear caliper refurb

Just finished refurbing my rear calipers.

Bead blasted calipers, repainted, new decals fitted then lacquered.
Dust caps, pistons and seals removed/ checked, cleaned and refitted.
New bleed nipples fitted.
New link pipes made and fitted due to one having being crushed at some point in it's life (not available as a spare)
Pad retaining clips cleaned and polished then refitted with new stainless bolts.

The final finish isn't perfect by a long stretch but I'm pleased with the results all the same (You should have seen them before!!)
Just need to refit them and bleed the brakes.

looking awesome mate great job, what do you have them fitted to the rear of. they look like the big reds that come from the 993gt2 front set up as i would like to go bigger on the front of my S4 and transfer this set up from the front to the rear with the addition of a handbrake caliper

Fitted to the rear of my RS2.

I'm sure they're standard. I have the big reds up front.

ok ideal,  they are a slightly smaller version of the big reds. i want to go to 365mm on the front then put the Porsche 322mm on the rears if its even possible

nice job, they look good as new

Very nice well done, its now making me wonder about doing mine (in fact I'm just rebuilding bits of RS2 now, comes with the territory I suppose).

Re: Rear caliper refurb

Cheers guys. Got them back on today. Took the opportunity to give the alloys a good clean while they were off.

A couple more pics

A couple of pics of the big reds/alloys

Just need to get the wheel nuts sorted now!!

Washed and waxed the car when I got home ready for the yorks meet next week if I can get there. Forum Index -> Audi S2 & RS 2 (B3 & B4) quattro
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