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Rear suspension bushes, are Febi ok?

I need to replace the rear outer suspension bushes on my C5 S6.

Items 11 on this one

Phoned up TPS and they're  54+vat.... each, and all 8 of mine are a bit ropey.

The only aftermarket ones I can find are either unbranded chineese ones or Febi ones. Has anyone had experience with the Febi ones?  I can't find anything like Lemforder that I've used on the front.

This is what I'm considering

Anyone had any experience with these? Or a better option?

Try Jason at GermanCarParts, he's on here sometimes

Sorry, allgermanparts.

gizmo wrote:
Sorry, allgermanparts.

He's the man 👍

I've never had any issues with Febi parts and at 10 each they're a much better price than OEM from the stealers! Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C5) quattro
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