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Recomended Remap In Essex ??

Hi, a bit of advice please I've never remapped any of my cars before but i want to get it on my rs3 when it comes in a couple of weeks

Is it best / nessercery  to get it done by somone with rollin road and all the gear at top s or is it ok to go cheap or even DIY
Forgive my lack of knowledge please ,

I'm in Essex any help much appreciated

MRC in Banbury for me, worth the drive!

Nudenut wrote:
MRC in Banbury for me, worth the drive!

Second that, I'm also in essex and have mrc map on mine

I'd say drive to see MRC at Banbury. And take it easy on the M40!!

Ive heard MTm are good but 999+vat

Bit expensive ?????

Beware that a map on RS3 will involve having the ECU cracked open, not necessarily an issue but you should be aware incase you later have any warranty work done.  It appears that dealers are taking a harder line on remaps.  If you have a relationship with your service dept (as Nudenut does) then make the most of it.

Amd are in essex

Probly use mtm because Audi recommend and I wanna keep them happy with regards to my warranty and the fact that the guy who does it has an rs3 , amd is the closest to me but I'm not sure if Audi recognise them .

Roll on next week or week after ,
Cheers guys

I think your be happy, I had a MTM map on my car once was great no issues at all

Mtm is normally a really safe map. Mrc Mtm and apr seem to be getting the good reliable numbers from the rs3 engine

Audi called me today to tell me that my car is now in the uk at Kent waiting to be delivered to my local branch so hopefully I will have it next week !!!

So it looks like I will be upsetting a few people on the road soon , probly gonna go the mtm route for the remap but not sure about sticking a milltec exhaust on it tho as I don't wanna wake the street up everytime I go out in it,
Has anyone got a milltec on their rs3 ? Is it well loud !!???

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