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Recommend me some 17z pads

After some pads for my 18z calipers, from what i've read I have to use the 17z pads with the ML discs. Going to be getting the C or J hook dicsc from M Tech. What pads are good, car isn't my daily driver just use it for blasting about on the weekend. Heard mixed stories on the ferrodo pads, they any good? Links would be useful as i'm looking to order them by the end of today. Thanks!

The Ferrodo pads are fine for a daily driver but they are very dusty.

Coming from std brakes, anything will be better!

I'm using Jurid pads (from Jason at All German) on the stock brakes on the BMW and i'm quite impressed with them, nice positive grippy feel from stone cold.

I would suggest starting with some standard road pads like the Jurids or Ferodos. They're nice and cheap and will allow you to get a feel for the setup. If it turns out your braking habits are such that you need something better, then its no hardship to upgrade.

If you go straight to an expensive pad, it costs loads, and sure it'll probably be "good" but you'll be losing out on cold performance, and without having tried the standard pads wont actually know if the additional expense is worth the money.

Ferrodo Premiers here, for a daily they are fine.  Only issues Ive had on a long spirited run after a few high speed stops. Forum Index -> Audi S4 & RS 4 (B5) quattro
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