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Red quattro in PPC this month

So.. while not a criticism.. What's going on here..?

It's reported that his final figure was 644WHP.. with that restriction..!? Get them pipes out of the way of flow..!

Annnnddddddd.. how's that zip tie going to hold out with 644WHP rattling that IC about..?

Quattros have zero space, the only other place is remove the slam panel and in between the lights or do what DJones did and run twin IC's either side of shell.

That is too much power for that car, it's so light it only needs 400-450 for it to be seriously quick

Agree on the zip tie though
Chris M

And exhaust clamps on the boost hoses  

Thats a Mikalor clamp which is used for that application as well isnt it?

I'd still have one Forum Index -> Audi Ur quattro
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