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Recently been having a massive sort out.  I still have an RNS-D that I removed in perfect working order from my 2003 B6 S4 to upgrade to an RNSE.  It was removed from the car at approx 8 years old / 70,000 miles.  I took a photo of the inside of the service book before I sold the car so I'd always have the code.  You'll get a free disc too - I forgot to take it out before I removed the unit from the car


If the asking price is met I will post this recorded delivery (within mainland UK).  I'm open to sensible offers if you want to collect from Bedford.  Am happy to courier to ADI this coming Saturday 16th October.

Library pic from Alex and the team at Fontain who I bought the car from.  I'll try and grab some more pics this week - its safely wrapped in bubble wrap in an attic bedroom at my parents, and I'm round there to take some stuff to the tip this coming Tues and Weds.  I can also get to the post office these days.

Hi, does this have the same front as the b5 version and is it the same connections? I'm looking for one for my s4 b5.

Same connections I believe.  Buttons and layout are the same, its the same unit underneath.... the only difference is going to be the faceplate

Do you know if the faceplates can be swapped in these?

KEVS4 wrote:
Do you know if the faceplates can be swapped in these?

Yep I think so

The left hand side of the face / buttons feels a bit sticky?  Being stored in bubble wrap and gaffer tape since June 2011 (when I upgraded to RNSE with European maps a week before Le Mans) probably hasn't helped!  Should have got rid of this ages ago - I mean, it was never ever going to go back into my S4.....

Code will be emailed / Whatsapped upon receipt of payment.  As above, service history and all paperwork went when I sold the car.

Full size image of face attached.  The screen is unmarked.  Then 1024 sized pics of face and other angles.

Forgotten how weighty this is!  Lord knows how much recorded postage would be, possibly more than I thought, but I stand by the above - if the asking price is met I will cover the postage.

If you are going ADI this Saturday and fancy this, drop me a message, open to sensible offers, it needs gone!


Click link below for full sized 2mb / 3000+ pixel of face so you can see it in detail:  I removed the picture from this thread so it doesn't give mobile users melt down!


Hi, thanks for posting pictures and info, unfortunately I don't think it's for me as the buttons aren't pretty, looks like it's suffering from the b6 achillies heel- soft touch interior that doesn't last and starts falling apart, I know as my s4 b6 is beginning to show some signs if it, it's a pity they did that , the b5 I have is mint in the inside and is lasting the pace very well mostly because it doesn't have the soft touch.
Many thanks but it's not for me.

500+ views!!!  

Will pop this in the car for tomorrow in case anyone fancies making me a last minute offer at ADI

The first thing I will do if you make me an offer is ask your number.  So please post in here and send me a pm with your number.  Will only be there until early afternoon!

I'm almost 100% sure that you can swap the faceplates/buttons with other variants so this could be of interest to other Audi owners with a faulty RNS-D.

I'll be down at ADI and keep an eye out for you.  

Yeah I'm absolutely sure you are right

See you down there! Forum Index -> For Sale
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