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Rocking/pivoting/tilting seat problem on S2 avant

I have a strange problem with the front seats (mainly drivers) in my S2 Avant.

When driving down a smooth road like a good dual carriageway and you go over some slightly undulating bumps, nothing severe but enough to transfer your weight up and down slightly, I get a knocking/rocking/tilting sensation from the seat. It's probably only a few millimetres but it's enough to feel.

I can actualy recreate this when stationary now also. I can hold the steering wheel, then push my body back and down into the seat, done carefully you can repeat this with enough frequency that someone can look down the rear of the seat to see what is happening.

I got my wife to do this as I looked because as you are probably thinking, I thought it would be the bushes on the seat runners.
While this 'rocking' is happening the bushes and arms leading to them are solid, no movement at all.

So......where is this coming from? is it the tilting mechanism? are there any bushes that can be replaced?
I'm finding it difficult to drive at the moment because of this and it's really dampening the enjoyment of the car because I can't relax into the seat.

You must know what it's like when your mind fixes onto something and blows it out of all proportion. This rocking is driving me demented!


Its' not the bolts holding the seat to the runners is it ?
Sounds like a seat out job to me, good luck.
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