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Rolling Road BHP

My car ran 394 at the MRC RR which i wasn't 100% happy with and considering its on a Revo stage 2 map so i took it over to Surrey RR centre and it ran 423.
I have started using Shell Nitro which Revo recommend but is this the reason for the 29 bhp difference or is it to do with the RR,s that MRC and Surrey have.

Hmmmmm, my car ran 443 at SRR, a few years ago, with a previous owner.

I then ran it at SRR a couple of years ago, and with a hole in the TBB, it made 405.

So I then ran it at the MRC RR day, and it made 386.

All a bit odd.

What fuel were you using before?

I thought your MRC result reasonably good for a B7 RS 4. The two other B7s that ran on the day are MRC stage 2 with histories of carbon cleans and there was not much between you at all.

The two dynos do produce different results though. My standard B8 S4 made 371.5 BHP (377PS) at SRR but consistently runs 356PS at MRC. I personally think the MRC figures are more realistic.


Cars will gain or lose power for many reasons. It can be as simple as slight differences between the calibration or different rolling roads to different atmospheric temperatures ans how efficient the fan which is blowing the air in the front of the car, for instance, Srr's set up is in a sealed booth and when I was there a few weeks ago it was 26 degrees in there, a different place such as power engineering can draw the air in fron outside the workshop.then you have other factors such as fuel, condition of plugs, air filter and condition of it. To summarise, a rolling road (if comparing) can only really be compared in same conditions of everything


Hi thanks for your reply
I used to run BP Ultimate but now use shell Nitro i looked at the SRS RR at Surrey RR last year and the Black B7 RS4 ran 414 and did 408 at MRC this year.
I am thinking its to do with the petrol but i could be way wrong.

I'd take dyno figures with a pinch of salt tbh

BP ultimate only 97 Ron, so good move on the fuel change. Forum Index -> Audi S4 & RS 4 (B6 & B7) quattro
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