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Rolling Road controversy...

.. as it's always a bit of a lottery, but I got mine on the RR last weekend...

Managed to get along to a rolling road day at Awesome GTi and find out what my car is putting out in stock.  Well, it would seem that the TT-RS is very much like the S3's and pumps out more than quoted in the brochure.

3 runs
HP @ the wheels
1: 316.79
2: 328.16
3. 324.83

HP @ The fly
1: 360.42
2: 367
3: 364

1: 379.58
2: 386.47
3: 384.79

That's 32bhp and 46lb/ft up on the quoted figures

As you can imagine I'm very pleased with the results, seems I have a good 'un, and the general feeling is that isn't a million miles off given the results from other cars rolling on the day (stage 2+ GTi Ed30's and S3's @ c360bhp & 340lb/ft)


And to compare the noise... here's one of a mates with straight pipes... turn up your speakers...


Nice healthy figures there ,although expensive ones ibet she feels very lively on the road though nice one  

About time we had some TT RS's on here...
Where's 5pot ?!

You will find that your car's output will vary from RR to RR.

That black one sounds gorgeous, infact they both do!

TinTin1201 wrote:
You will find that your car's output will vary from RR to RR.

yeah pretty familiar with the variances on RR's which is why I'll be using the same RR after each modification to the car.
I did the same on my S3 to try and get a degree of consistency.
As said I'll be doing some 1/4 mile runs too in order to add some real world substantiation to the reults.
Incidentally the black car with CAI and straight through pipes delivered slightly lower headline figures but spooled up earlier.
It'll be interesting to if my car behaves the same after the intake and exhaust are added... If so it would appear mapping will have to be written to support the mod's

loomx wrote:
That black one sounds gorgeous, infact they both do!

yeah the black one sounds even better in person. Now decatted and WOT box fitted



Id like to hear it running just a centre pipe.........Then we can compare notes.


Haha I'm waiting for Millteks new 'race' system.
Cat bypass, non-res and a newly developed back box... Testing it in a couple of weeks
if you want to keep track on my mates car (aiming for 600bhp) have a look in the members rides section on
he already destroyed has cat lol Forum Index -> Audi TTS & TT RS (8J) quattro
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