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rs 4 pot

does it fit s5?

Welcome to the forum.

Do you mean the 8 pot calipers? From which RS, RS 4 or RS 5?

can be from the ttrs / rs3. I think these are the 4 pot.

rs4 is 8 pot?

I have the RS4 8 pots on my B8.5, amazing brakes however to get the best feel you need the servo and master cylinder off the RS4 as well...

was it a direct fit for you?

Yep, rears are the same size so I just swapped discs and pads off the RS4.  Fronts I got complete, so new splash guards, new Brembo calipers with the mounting brackets, new wavy discs and pads.  Disc size is 365mm, slightly smaller than previous gen but with 8 pistons and wavy discs.  Needed new front brake hoses as well, genuine Audi RS4 (although I am about to fit braided hoses).

Once all bedded in the brakes are amazing, but there is slightly more pedal travel until they bite.  New servo and bigger master cylinder will sort this out!

No warning lights or any issues bleeding, although there are 2 nipples per front caliper

Hope that helps! Forum Index -> Audi S4, S5, RS 5, RS 4 (B8) quattro
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