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RS Q3 Pics


Yikes. Thats fugly...

Look better slammed  

So this is what passes for an RS these days.  

Moonwalker wrote:
So this is what passes for an RS these days.  

Yeh, rubbish isn't it!  Not a fan at all, nor the SQ5.

It's not a looker, but practical and 310PS from a 5 cylinder turbo charged petrol engine. So far as getting the job done, I bet it's all there.
steve cane

So wrong!

How is it anymore practical than an RS3?  

That is horrible car.

looks like a pile of shit - that 2nd picture really shows how bland it is !!!

appreciate the posting pf the pictures though !!
outlaw rs4

Its just undermining the legend of RS models they don't need them in every model. It like BMW m3s there bloody every were.

I test drove one for our family transport, really nice to drive, fast and I liked it. Funny how Audi can make a car like this and it actually is fun to drive?

Had a couple roll up in the car park at work over the last few months, plus I have seen one on the road.

Not for me but I bet my Mrs would love one

I think just an SQ3 badge would have sufficed

I would think this is very practical, nippy, strong and chuckable but not really in need of an rs badge.......

But For everyday driving you could do FAR worse......... Forum Index -> Audi RS Q3, SQ5 & SQ7 quattro
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