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RS2 Aircon problems

The problem being it doesn't work.
The light comes on and the fan runs but the compressor isn't engaging. i've put 12 v to the comp. and it engages fine.
I've noticed that relay 6 is missing, I swapped the horn relay into the position and it engages but still no compressor.
Has anyone got an idea of what is wrong and does anyone have a wiring diagram for this system, that would help (I'm an electrical engineer so I stand a fighting chance).
HELP its' a black car and the summer's comming and we're getting a bit hot.

Out of gas matey...... Lp switch holding of the compressor.

Is it R134a, or is it on the older gas R12 or 22?

I have all the gear to charge it up for you, if you let me know what its on.

I do NOT give guarentees on re charging AC on cars- it may last a day or it may last 10 years!

Good man thanks. Hows the sprog doing, better I hope?
ps I've got some R134a knocking around somewhere.

The "sprog" is fine again now thanks mate.

We will sort sumut out if you have gas. I would have to have bought some back from Kent with me.

Good news of the young un !
I'll dig the gas out on monday (stored at a clients) and we can have a play.
Cheers Alex
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