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RS2 crank locking tool when replacing timing belt


Can anyone help with finding the tool to lock the crank when changing the timing belt please? I think the RS2 engine code is ADU, apparently there's a few variations of this tool depending which 5 cylinder 20v turbo engine it is.

Met someone yesterday who has an RS2 but needs its belt changed, needs to get hold of the locking tool

Cheers folks  



There is the tool needed. Applies to ABY, AAN and ADU. VAG 2084 applies for 3B but can be modified to work with the newer engines. The 2084 is also NLA so I had to have one made up for my engine.

This is the torque multiplier if you don't have a torque wrench which reaches 450 Nm. With this one it should be enough with a 200 Nm wrench.

Here's a great link for the cambelt change;

That's brilliant !!!

Many thanks for  those links, I've passed them into the RS2 owned, he's delighted is an understatement

His car has done about 10k miles on the past 8 years I think !!


Has he found a ADU cambelt? I think they are NLA now after reading some over on S2forum. Also only available through Audi.
I had on my engine earlier on RS2 camwheel, RS2 waterpump and timing belt but I sold those off except the timing belt which were crap. If I wanted to renew the ADU pump it would have cost me over 400 vs 120 for a new OEM AAN pump.
The ADU camwheel filled no function what so ever on my engine as it didn't run ADU cams, so I sold it to a guy in Canada who had been searching for one for a long time It's used with the ADU exhaust cam who has a 10 degree offset compared to the standard 2.2T cam.

The sprocket on the crankshaft is also recommended to renew as they tend to break at the keyway with time. Should not be expensive with a new one from Audi though, a billet one fetches over 100.

Ok cheers

I'll pass on that info  

vag 2084 only applies to cars without aircon and was made for the 3B

If you have an ABY or ADU you need 3526

Even then you need to modify 3526 for aircon cars, use a threaded 10mm rod nuts and washers.

I made a sticky on s2forum from a members pics

deleted by me

I would like to read about it anymore. Prompt, what literature to study?

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