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found two RS2's at affordable prices, both appear to be in good nick... just think they might be a complete nightmare purchase as a daily driver, what do you guys think?

Anyone out there with an RS2 as a daily driver? tips, comments or advice?

not looking at pissing around with chasing power, just want a fast reliable estate and being as the RS2 is a classic...

or is it not worth the hassle?

thanks in advance

probably find any car that is pushing 15 years old will give some kind of problems on occasion but the S2/ RS2 must be one of the most reliable cars you could choose. if you know a bit about cars & are willing to get your hands dirty sometimes Id say go for it!
i ran my '93 S2 for 7 years & it only broke down on me three times - once the battery ( can happen on any car!) & once a spark plug blew out causing a major oil leak (quite common!) but I still managed to drive home & it was fairly easily fixed!) & once the clutch packed in - again can happen to any car ( although a clutch on an S2 isnt the easiest to do as the gearbox weighs about half the cars weight! LOL!)

I drive my RS2 as a daily because i dont have any other car.

in saying that, i walk to work so the car is being used 2-3 times a week for shopping and casual drives.

I must say, when i first bought it i was told never to leave it unused for more than 1 month, even firing it up up to temperature is enough, as it seems not to like it in a sense of parts perishing.

I have bought mine used with 121K kms, on the clock and after 6 years i have done more than 100K kms, with lots of europe trips and UK trips. Even when it was at it's worse with brake problems etc, it never gave up and kept on going!

In general, if i were to buy an rs2 again, the first thing i would do is a super engine check and replacement of all needing replacement parts, regardless of what the previous owner says. I figured out the hard way not changing things until they broke down, to have to be in places back home(greece) where people have no idea how to fix the car, and having to tow it to mechanics that did in order to get it fixed.

Belts, bushes, shocks, springs, if oil consumption then even a headgasket and a simple head rebuild. Check of piston rings etc.

Most of these engines are bullet proof, but all owners know that and give them a hard time anyway, so they are bound to cause issues one way or another.

Thank god the UK has had lots of 5cyl engines and parts are readily available!

I would use it for a daily driver, if you keep a stock or organic clutch to it. Consumption will be between 14-18l/100km in the city and around 10-12l/100kms (dont remember the miles per gallon conversion), but with a health check and possible remap, those figures will drop and the car will run much nicer!

As you've been told, the 5 cylinder engine is one of the most reliable engine audi built to date and will go for hundreds of thousands miles before needing a major overhaul...

Engine wise they go on forever, what would put me off most about using an RS2 as a daily would be the risk of someone else damaging it as some of the bits are very hard to find or very expensive bodywork wise

thanks for all the comments guys, good stuff. Been toying with what to do for a while after selling my S4 and having the 80 as a temp car has given me a taste for old skool style motoring.

I think I reached an epiphany this morning and decided to commit to a 1.8T conversion on my 80 rather than scrap that car and get the RS2.

The RS2 was a major hero car for me growing up and its on my list of things to do before I go, I must own an RS2 at some point, ideally in Noggy so I guess if the right one comes up in future and I have the right cashflow I may go for it  

You could always go for a really good spec S2 Avant?

I did think about it, but I think this 80 body is too good to let go, aiming for an end of 2012 output of 280bhp from it Forum Index -> Audi S2 & RS 2 (B3 & B4) quattro
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