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RS3 Options

Need some help from existing RS3 owners or clever Audi people.  Having secured one of the last RS3's the car comes with no options whatsoever.  After a bit of digging I have discovered the external Black Styling Pack can be retrofitted after build or at least some of it.  I have received a couple of quotes from dealers one quoted for the front grille including surround and said this was the only part of the kit and the other dealer quoted for this and a 'spoiler' which isn't listed in the brochure.  The actual brochure refers to the grille and surround, the tail pipes and the top edge of the rear diffuser.  Can someone tell me what the actual pack contains, are the tail pipes painted or are they trims that can be replaced and what is the top edge of the rear diffuser?  I'm guessing the spoiler element is either the wrong word or someone who doesn't know what I am talking about.  Any help on any of the above would be appreciated as I am getting no where with dealers.
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