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RS3 or 1 Series M Coupe

So both Audi and BMW are about to launch small performance cars. I have been reading loads of articles about both cars but not sure which one I would go with...

With this being an audi site I may get a biased view but I would be interested in your thoughts...


They are both going to be fantastic cars, the RS 3 is only available in auto though whereas the 1M is 6 a speed manual. The Audi is quicker, has a legendary 5 Pot engine and quattro but the BMW has bigger brakes, most likely great handling and will probably be quicker in the dry...
I think I'd have to drive both but the Audi looks better on paper and is probably what I'd go for.

The RS 3 is sold out

The dsg box will make it an absolute weapon

1M by miles imo, RS3 looks boring, and I dont know about speed, they are both going to be quick cars, hell with a few tweaks the 135i is an epically fast car, so the 1M should be interestsing.

As much as I liked the idea of the RS3, I think I would much rather have a TTRS, especially when you cant get a 3 door RS3.

Based purely on looks Id go for the 1M, the RS3 is bland and doesnt look much different from an A3

If they did this in an RS3... then YES PLEASE! Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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