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RS4 B5 from holland


2 years ago, i was in the 'need' for something faster. I've already owned a A3 2.0 TDI with DSG for ~ 1.5 year. Garage / friend of mine had this RS4 imported from swiss, from the very first owner, and decided to sell it. He and i had a word and we came to the conclusion after a testride, i wanted that RS4.

The car is a 2001 genuine RS4, had lots of fixes and was kept pretty much stock. The ECU is remapped by Sportec (Swiss) and does around 440HP with the right fuel. The first bank of catalytic converters is emptyd and everything is still as good as stock.

In the 2 years, i've did ALOT of fixes together with the garage. These cars can be defenitly expensive. First: pics!

(Old pic, that display is fixed now!)




What front brakes you running?

Fixes and upgrades!

Powerflex the complete car:

After 15 years, most of the rubbers where litterally flat, worn out or completely broke. They had to be replaced. I've read alot of good stuff on poewrflex, since i wanted my car to become more 'stable'. So i went to the local shop, had a word, and at the end we had the complete upgrade package together.

So it was time to disassemble all parts as much as we can.

While we where at it, coating & spraying parts:

Halfway there:

Next step was steel brakelines all around:

Replaced transmission mounts as well:

Old vs new:


Some old bushes where really torn apart.. even the oil came out.


Billstein's P16 PSS9, adjustable in height & hardness.

Upon installation, we figured out 'some' parts on the car had their best time:

So replace them with brand new ones:

And after work time for some relaxing

RS4 B5 Clutch upgrade

After replacing the original clutch with a OEM one, it took less then 4 months for the clutch to slip and become glazed. I had to replace it, so i took a Sachs pressure plate + clutch which is good for up to 600nm:

You can see the old marks on the flywheel:

Condition of turbo's = excellent, no shaft play:

Bose subwoofer upgrade

Since the original audi symphony sounds like shit (esp with "bass") i wanted to upgrade the sub, without putting in a huge crate / box on the back. So i searched for something more elegant:

So i had to hack out the old system:

The woofer is powered by this small amp:

And i needed a bigger woofer ofcourse:

The complete audio is driven by these 2 bose amps:

So i had to hack into remote, and make sure my new Class D amp gets the right source:

That is into number 5:

Upon installation:

And in practical daily use:

Really IS an improvement to the car's sound!

RNS-D MP3 upgrade

I was kind of tired burning audio CD's so i wanted to use MP3 or something in that matter. I bought something from ebay, it is'nt as good as it look but it suits the job:

And a extra to switch between CD changer & MP3:

But as usual ebay stuff hardly ever works out of the box. The RNS-D is very picky and so is the MP3 player. Something it works, and when it works it just starts on 00:30 seconds upon next track (MP3). Right now i'm using the analog input connected to my Iphone with Spotify which works good, however, the system is very sensitive against disturbance, you can hear the dynamo on your speakers upon charging your phone lol.

The sound is good tho!

Rims upgrade

My car came with the original Et25 RS4 B5 rimms, however, they are the soft ones, and audi never did a recall in holland and all. So i had a problem when going onto bumps, it would just become shit. I've replaced the rimms for a while with other ones (the black ones as seen on top) and i happend to bought original hard top ones:


Brand new ones, undamaged,

So it's currently ordering new tires with Y index, and install 'm under the car.

Here's a recent vid on Nurburgring in Germany:


Noggymike wrote:

What front brakes you running?

Currently stock ones. I was about to upgrade them untill i figured out Audi was charging 2200 for the non-perforated GMBH brakes, and 4200 for WITH perforated ones, lol.

I had 'm adressed the day we went to nurburgring, they are good for a few thousands of KM's before replacing.

But on track they are really underperforming lol. I am working to get big brakes which have a decent reputation and not some sort of chinese type of brake.


What upgrades and mods

Fair play

Awesome work!

Not much, i like it as it is. Better clutch / pressure plate, billsteins shocks / coilovers, excellent car.

People cant park in amsterdam parking lot. Someone bumped my licence plate.

Had to drive home with licenseplate behind dash, informed police about it.

Fixing was pretty easy:

Redrill a hole in the plastic of the license plate, apply and done.

Are the upper arm inner bushes supposed to be installed like this?! They look inside out!

Hi there, nice work...but I think on your rear upper wishbones you're missing half of the bush for the two inner bushes?? On mine,  there were two halves to each one, so 4 bushes per side  in total for inner ones. I'm just doing the same, and I've just removed my old power flex black series bushes..

We took the complete set from this link:

I did'nt put them down, garage did. Assembled all parts basicly we had.

Always a beauty to see when you come back to your car!


Nice work and a lovely car

Some nice work,

IMO brakes are about the first thing that should be upgraded on these.

We're working on the brakes. We had it checked yesterday, and there are some repairs coming up. Mostly rubbers and service such as oil swap and all. Had to losen the shocks one notch since they became really tough after a few months now.

Found some old pics the moment the car was brought from Switserland to Holland:

The previous owner had the car for less then 9 months. I figured out it's officially mines for 2 years, 4 months and 15 days.
Stigs dad

What a beautiful  example  of a b5 rs4 ,  stunning paintwork  and really great mods.

Sweeet car,
Was in Rotterdam/Amsterdam at the weekend (for the third time) Holland is great,
I did notice the Dutch have a sweet tooth and judging by your boot full of goodies you have too.
Looking to get round 'the ring' in the B6 at some point, but after a track day (as you have found) you really notice how standard brakes on heavy Audi's are just not up to heavy use! Some race pads iam sure will definitely help.


Holland = tax country, lol.

As for the brakes, yes they are underpowered. Having different pads only extends this for a very short amount of time, but no huge numbers. At the end of the day it's still fading huge after a few corners and heavily braking.

Knowing that tracks only occur a few times a year, i dont think it's worth it for me to switch to keramic brakes. They need to be heated up properly as well and thats not really suited for daily use.

Personally i'm really pleased with the stock brakes of an RS4 B5. I had todo 2 times a emergency stop and trust me, that boat stops right when you want it. The side effect is that brake warping occurs very quickly.

For my work i am weekly in Amsterdam. But you should never park your car without a decent alarm or security system in either amsterdam or rotterdam. Problem is is that these cars get stolen often, and usually set on fire after a robbery and all.

It's a plague.

Nice work and write up!
How is the all powerflex drive?

Much stiffer and more solid, esp in cornering, but some said if you dont maintain the powerflex with lubricant once in a while it will start sqeeking at minimum movement and all.

On the ring it's a blessing; hard cornering and well balanced.

looks lovely

I had the car for sale since beginnen of this month now. I know i'm not going to get back the requested price. The biggest culprit for people is the high milage (220000, 350000km) and it's a bad moment to sell a car.

I was wondering if we could strip it, yes, that was'nt all a problem, but i woud'nt wanted to be with parts for perhaps over 2 years in my barn.

So i made up my mind; going for all possible repairs, including a rebuild engine. And just keep the car as a weekend one.

It's tough, knowing an engine rebuild does'nt come cheap, and our power target is around 600 to 800HP. But we can do some work from here up to the summer now, see where we get

First go to a good tuner like MRC and make a plan how to get to that kind of power.
make sure to stick to that plan and do the build together with the tuner so the best result can be achieved.

btw, there is a big difference (in budget and reliability ) between 600 and 800ps.

Better go for a reliable and daily drive-able 600ps the a peak value of 800.

MRC = UK right? Well, i live in Holland, and i dont think shipping an complete car or engine is an option.

We where aiming for a complete rebuild of a used engine bought on Ebay PL / DE etc with brand new parts, 3L, bigger turbo's, IC's, injectors, fueling pump and all that. Have like 25% overhead on max power.

And when that setup is ready, simply head to a respected tuner either in Germany or Swiss if we really have to and let them do their magic.

Ofcourse, i'd always go for reliability rather top peak power.
Marc R

Then you'd be better of buying my car,and selling yours for cheaper price.

Audiforum > Marc R

And the reason your selling your RS, is?

Well, did'nt went easy as it seemed, 2 ABS sensors broke off, wheel safety nut broke off as well, small things that looks like an half day of work go into $ easily.

Stupid RS. Better to simply put her in the winter in the garage, dont let it out before summer.
Marc R

I've bought another car......

Okay, good for you

New motor mounts, old vs new. Old one was cracked, and caused it to sometimes bonk around when shifting gears.

Common problem with these things... after 3 times use they simply break off.

Most of the work is done by now, took 3 days, started with a simple ABS ring but ended up in ordering all sort of new parts to get it right. Gave it some fresh fluids, filters, sparks, it's good for a while now.

We ordered new brakes, complete new kit for front and back. Will be installed within 2 weeks, since delivery takes some time.
Marc R

Goed he..

Leuk weer eens wat Nederlanders te zien...
(Nice to see some dutch people over here)

Car was ready upon saturday, it took 4 days for all repairs and delivery of components. Most noticeble where the motor mounts (replaced) and gave a much better driving experience, also when switching gears.

Since it was saturday, no company was open able to offer alignment past 12:30. So there was just one lol, they have a questionable reputation, it's called kwikfit.

But i'm someone with guts lol, i like challenges Since the steering wheel was 1/4th off it needed alignment:

And yes, they did a very good job. Both front and rear was adjusted since both sides had to come off. Car is driving back to normal again now.

We are going to install the 3.5 inch HMS exhaust within 2 weeks, going to make custom 3.5inch downpipes for that, also new brakes on the arrival (both front & rear).

Spend all day to wash both inside & outside. Most noticable is the leather that really smells fresh again.


Ordered PERFORATED brakes, recieved 4 boxes with PERFORATED images & reciept stating PERFORATED... and what did i get? Geezus.

It's not that bad... it's a complete front / rear Zimmerman RS4 B5 kit with ATE pads. The financial difference will be paid back.

It was fun to see that the right rear-brake totally give up:

But in the end, managed to install it all,

I have to say, the longer they are being driven-in, the better they feel. Some say perforated vs non-perforated has advantages/disadvantages and all, but so far so good.

The days i'm on track can be counted on 2 fingers.

Next week installation of 3.5inch exhaust. Need to build some downpipes and all. And a repaint of the calipers, since this is not the desired color. Color in your head vs the real result are 2 complete different things, lol. Forum Index -> Members' Cars
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