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RS4 B7 Brake Setup Will they fit Audi S3 2009?

Hi guys.

Will the following be able to fit an Audi S3 2009 With 18 inch "ADVANTI RACING SG40" Wheels ET45 (im pretty sure they are 18 x 8 (But could be 18x7)

RS4 B7 Brake Discs
RS6 Callipers which I believe are the same as The RS4 B7 Callieprs

Many thanks

PCD is the same so most of the way there, but you might have to look at spacers, etc to get the correct offset.

very hard mate..
rs4/rs6 calipers are very huge and its very hard to fit them in a ET45 wheel. actually s3/a3 has a very limited ET like 45(with an aftermarket wheel) and it makes harder to put a BBK. also the wheel design is very important for the BBK on a s3/a3.
another problem is that rs4 discs are 365mm and it is a very very tight fit in a 18" wheel. so that most of the time you can't put a balance weight. wheel design is also important here as all the wheels does not have the same clearence.
you can fit but it wont be a bolt on. you will need lots of fabrication and labour. its better to fit a VWR or Alcon imo. Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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