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RS4 B7 Coilover problem

Hi everyone

I'm new to the site and recently purchased a 2007 RS4. A few mods on the car but nothing to serious (suspension,poly bushes, miltek exhaust)There's been a squeaking sound coming from the car and under further investigation, turns out one of the rear coilovers is sitting way higher the other ( although the wheel alignment is correct)
It has bilstien Coilovers on the car, I would like to know if this set up is incorrect as I don't know much about after market suspension systems. I would expect the coils to be sitting equal but it does not seem to be affecting the handling of the car either, only the annoying sound. I have pictures to make this more clear.

Any help is much appreciated



That should be that extreme in platform position!!
Does the car sit level at the back??

Yeh sits perfect, handles perfect just makes the squeaking sound as there no movement of the spring on that side. This is why I'm looking for help it's a strange one! Forum Index -> Audi S4 & RS 4 (B6 & B7) quattro
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