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RS4 Heads 75 ONO

I have for sale a pair of RS4 heads, for spares or repair. They have the usual cracks at the spark plug hole on 2 of the 3 cylinders on both heads. One head has some bent valves, this is due to improper storage when they still had the cams in. On that head the crack at the spark plug thread is worse than the others, the others seem to be within the Audi tolerance. The other head is fine (albeit with the usual cracks at the spark plug hole on 2 cylinders). Both heads have lifters and chain tensioners, however the cams are missing. So basically you are getting one head which should be good to go once you put cams in it, and one head that could be repaired, plus all 30 lifters. The price reflects this but I'm sure somebody could make good use of these heads. Collection from Basingstoke/reading area preferred. Forum Index -> For Sale
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