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Rs6 mapping

Who would people reccomend for mapping a rs6?? I seem to have heard good an bad about a few places....😕😕


I've used MRC twice and can't recommend them highly enough for their mapping abilities, they really are the best bet for mapping in my opinion *but* they're not the most "chatty" bunch if you're a first-timer and want someone to bounce ideas off, discuss engineering stuff etc.

They take a while to warm to people so don't be put off if you arrive at 8am and, after handing over the keys, they don't speak to you again until 5pm when they hand you the bill!

Once they know you they seem to open up a bit more, at least thats my experience.

Also, I haven't used REVO but it gets good reviews.

I know what you mean about chatty....I found that when I went for a dyno run....

Try Ben at TTU.. Very personable,  and will talk you through every step  

I'd be hesitant on the Revo map.

I've got a mate with one, and it's been dogged by misfire issues since he had the map done. Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C5) quattro
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