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RS6Avant at ADI , trailing white-ish smoke 11 am

Anybody from here?
Curious as to the problem that's all, and it did smell strongly !

Coolant leak

Lucky escape towards the infield

You mean this one?

I did see it running later though  

Saw it come off.  Lots of. Smoke from left bank zorst

Yes that's the one!
Smoke from the left side.
Yes I thought lucky, the other way would not have been anywhere near as forgiving!
Thought I saw it just outside the circuit ( through the trees near Quarry) about 1.15 pm , on a truck heading towards Chippenham??
Looks like that was the truck.....
Byzan a4

He managed to refill it and it seemed to hold water so he was going to nurse it home. Recently had rads fitted so was going to take it back to the place and see if maybe something was left loose and "blew" a leak under pressure from the track session Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C6) quattro
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