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Rubbing/creaking noise

Hello all, Ive been having this issue for a couple of months now well.... ever since I have fitted poly bushes to my front wishbones. There has been this rubbing/knocking noise coming from the front it sounds like something is loose - I have had it checked by a VW/Audi specialist who have heard the noise but can't find anything wrong. They have checked all possibilities but nothing is out of place.

The car is lowered on ST struts and Apex springs. My next things to do is remove the poly bushes and change them for OE standard ones to see if the noise stops. It gets worse when there is more weight in the car.

Its really annoying!!!!!

Cheers Rich

Top mounts. Very common and can creaking/clunking when knackered. Worth checking if you haven't already.

Bit of an update on this noise I'm getting - Ive had it into two garages now and still nothing fixed.

First one was a Audi specialists who checked over the car heard the noise but couldn't find anything wrong - just said drive it until it brakes!

Second garage was a friend or a friend who works on a lot on VW/Audi etc... He had the car a week and checked over everything - subframes, wheels bearings, ball joints, suspension parts, exhaust...... all he found which he thought was making the 'dry grinding' noise I'm getting was a heat shield touching of of the drive shafts. He fixed it along with a couple of other little things.

The noise stopped for a few days but then has started back up. The only thing he said it might be down too is the Diff on its way out or something with the Haldex?

Without going down the expensive route and buying a new diff is there anyway of checking the haldex and diff to see if I can make the noise happen on a lift?

Haven't posted for a while due to car being off the road as I had a daily driver.

Bit of an update on the car though -

Still getting this annoying knocking noise noise coming from the front.
The two garage which looked at the car both could hear the noise but could located it.

Just recently a good friend had a look on his lift and saw that the inner cv boot had a little hole in it - he thought this was the problem (a dry cv joint) but changed the boot and still making the noise.
He also looked over the top mounts, anti roll bar bushes drop links.... all seem fine.

I have been trying to get a video of the noise but is very hard the excess noise from traffic and tire noise.

As mentioned the noise sounds like a rotational knock but doesn't get any louder when driving at speed. Forum Index -> Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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