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Rwd or 4wd 570hp a4 b5

Hi guys got a4 b5 quattro had to make car rwd to get it mapped on 2wheel dyno, if i turn it back to 4wd will it be much differences on whp has anyone done this before

a few %, wont really matter, and means you'll have some chance of the rear diff staying in one piece, which it wont with 500hp running thru it.

Tomorrow goin back to quattro n fresh gearbox from 2.8 dangerous at moment rwd

Show us some vids!

Never heard of anyone fitting a 2.8 box to an S4, so not sure if there is a reason for that.

its not an S4, its a 1.8T i think.

2.8 box has slightly longer gearing than the 1.8T unit, which its really very short geared. Forum Index -> Audi S4 & RS 4 (B5) quattro
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