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S Tronic fault means its time to sell.

Sorry to say I am tapping out with the the RS5 after a few niggles and an expensive cat change, I now have one of the dreaded S tronic faults. I have really enjoyed owning the car something I wouldn't have thought coming from the B7 RS4 and feel it was a step in the right direction. I will be very sad to see.

Ah man, that's such a shame.

Before you sell I would strongly suggest approaching a sympathetic dealer.  You may be surprised by how supportive they are with transmission issues - Basingstoke Audi in particular have been superb despite the age of my car.  I know for a fact that another forum member, robokn, was in a similar position and consdering selling up, and Basingstoke Audi helped him out big time!

Yeah Ipswich are really good. The problem is the only method of fixing is by process of elimination. The first fix is the sensor inside the gearbox at 2.5k, the second the wiring loom again inside the gearbox, then the mechatronics unit 5k and finally the gearbox 14k. I just cannot afford to chase it. It may be that the first one fixes but if not then its money down the drain. That being said this gives me the opportunity to put some money aside as I think the new RS3 saloon may be the one for me.
Adrian E

If the car has FSH, especially with all box related servicing on time, and the mileage isn't mega high I'd be looking for a major contribution from Audi UK.

Our dash cluster replacement, due to a flickering LED, was 90% covered by Audi in the end.  It's the thick end of 1k job to replace.

I'd want to know that whatever process they go through to investigate and rectify, the fault was going to be covered to its conclusion.  Be worth a discussion with your dealer and either they or you taking it up to Audi UK.

I really don't think it's acceptable for a gearbox to be failing on a modern car unless it's done over 100k with no maintenance.

I am inclined to agree with Adrian on this one. The gearbox should be fit for purpose considering the age and maintenance it has had. You have not increased power either. Push harder with Audi UK.

Gearbox has had a remap and although it has nothing to do with the sensor that is causing the problem. They will not contribute, I guess thats the price we pay unless we get a modified car warranty.

I couldn't do it. Got it in my head what I was going to do, reinforced it with posts on the forum, drove to the garage, sat in the chair, went through everything, looked outside and couldn't pull the trigger and put her down. Forum Index -> Audi S4, S5, RS 5, RS 4 (B8) quattro
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