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S-tronic, yay or nay.

JUst looking for a tad of info. Will be purchasing a 10 plate s3 sport back with 37k on the clock next week for a elderly family friend.

For me it just ticked all of the boxes, sprint blue bucket seats etc. Only thing I was unsure on was the s tronic box. Although it did put a smile on my face!

How reliable are these gearboxes?
Any essential preventative maintaince (other than the normal oil change)
How big are repair bills likely to be?

I will be collecting the car next week regardless just after abit of info.

Human Joist

The main thing that can go wrong is the s tronic. They should be silky smooth and great to drive. We have a 2011 s tronic A1 s line 7 speed auto. It ticked all the boxes too and was a great drive. Had it about 3 months. Then packed up one day last week. Tried hunting it down and could not find exact fault. Went to Audi planning on them diagnosing for 60 then me sorting issues. Long story short the entire box is shot mechatronics and box itself and all needs replacing. They offered to pay for all parts 6000 and I pay 898 labour so having that done now. I still love the Audi auto and would not be put off.

My advice. Check all history and have a good drive of it

I've had my S3 with S-Tronic for over a year now and loved every minute of using it.

Before buying a car with it, I had the same doubts about reliability and spent a serious amount of time on researching reliability of these boxes.

Given that essentially the same box is used in a very wide range of VAG cars and the relatively tiny amount of issues that were reported with these, I'd say that they are pretty solid and as reliable as the manual counterparts. If the box does go for any reason, then expect a very big bill. It used to be even bigger, but now there are plenty of gearbox specialists that can provide a completely rebuilt DSG box for a fraction of the cost that Audi main dealers would charge. Someone I know on ASN is dealing with busted gearbox bearings right now, which requires a replacement and it's costing nowhere near 6k

If looking for a S3 with S-tronic, my advice would be to not worry and go for it - it's the absolute best of both worlds.

When looking at a car just make sure that it had the gearbox services done as required during the regular maintenance work. Obviously if the box is anything other than silky smooth, with precise gear changes up and down, in all modes, under gentle and hard acceleration then walk away

I've got an 8P RS3. Are the DSG service intervals still 40,000 miles?

I would check the manual but it's at home.

BillTheButcher wrote:
I've got an 8P RS3. Are the DSG service intervals still 40,000 miles?

It's 38,000 miles (60,000 km). Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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