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S2 not an S4

sorry this is in the S4 section lads but i know how busy the B5 section is and the boys on here know alot about the S2.

right, my old man has picked up his new S2 today from aberdeen. as we live in south wales he is making the journey over 2 days. well a few hours into the journey to newcastle he said to me that the car is starting to judder when trying to accelerate as if its misfiring. now i have had this sort of problem on my S4 and it turned out to be dead MAF and lamba sensors.

anyone on here had the problem or know anything about it???

cheers lads.

p.s my old man says its ok building up to around 70mph but after that it starts to judder

Could be a number of things mate

Spark plugs can work loose and while hes checking them look for splits in the rubber spark plug 'tubes' that run from the coilpacks to the spark plugs.
If there is a split then replace them but wrapping up the split in electrical tape is a good temporary fix

Wiring to coilpacks can deteriorate over time with the heat, look for wiring coming loose especially the earths

MAF possibly could cause that, FYI the S2's cannot run with it unplugged like an s4 can so don't do that

keep the ideas coming lads, forgot to mention he is making trhe journey from newcastle to south wales tomorrow so should he be ok to drive back at a steady 60mph without doing damage???

Search to your hearts content although i just found this:

"If the miss is just under boost, it is most often a coil but could be plugs or boots or even the MAF to Turbo hose. If the miss is all the time, it is likely one of the POS channels dying."

70mph in top gear relates too 3000rpm ?
Is it just in top gear or 3000rpm in other gears

Id check plugs first, as Matt says, these are a common problem on the I5 of coming loose. 2 of mine came out completely! caused a major oil leak & put the sh1ts up me at the time but relatively easy to fix. - I just fitted a couple of thread inserts to the head ( no need to remove)
Another common fault is the earth wire at the rear of the cam cover - sometimes folk forget to tighten the nut after replacing the cover gasket. this completes the coil pack circuit ( assuming you have the later ABY engine?)
These are VERY strong engines ( closely related to the incredible S1! !) so dont worry too much!
MAF on this engine is completely different from later engines & in my opinion far more reliable - unlikely to be your problem.

Is it a very abrupt cut like hitting a brick wall?
If so, its boost cut being done by the ECU due to finding a fault, which can usually be a boost leak, dodgy MAF or coils.
First thing to try is unplug/plugin the maf connector a couple of times and give it a wiggle to clean the contacts. Hopefully that will sort it, if not then Id say the next thing would be a leak test.
The hoses on the throttle body are prone to leaks due to age, and another key area is the boost pipe in the crossmember to intercooler connector, that has a rubber O ring which are famous for leaking!

It can be sorted by replacing it with a silicon reducer hose.
If you buy an S2 boost kit from Roose Motorsport it includes one

yes! Id agree with Dest about the intercooler to crossmember connection, I forgot about that one!
its all coming back to me now!
hose that comes from the turbo compressor to the intercooler is also a favourite as it tends to rub against things & wears away!
pressure test is first call.
I still say these are very reliable cars tho!

Oh yeah, as Matt said, the plug boots break up over time and cause misfires!
Of course its free to remove the cover and check them, at the same time check the wiring to the coilpacks, they go brittle and cause problems with bad connections

cheers lads, bit hard at the moment as the car is up country with my old man. when he gets back today ill tell him evrything on here so he can eliminate some of the ideas

whatever the problem its worth pushing ahead and keeping on sorting it, they are brilliant cars when on song.... just a shame a few people decided newer tech (tt cars) are better Forum Index -> Audi S2 & RS 2 (B3 & B4) quattro
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