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S3 07 Plate Remap Questions

Friend has a 07 plate S3

Air filter
Autotech pump internals
Stage2+ by psi tuning

After a log it had at 6640rpm

177bar at the pump
8.4deg timing
9.8 iat

Works out to around 330bhp

Does this look around the right power for the mods? It's not slow I can tell you that.

One issue is a lambda fault, heater circuit P0036

It only has 1 lambda fitted just by the turbo but I thought a car this new would have a pre and post cat sensor but there isnt any?

Are these mapped or ment to be mapped out after a decay?

Thanks in advance

330bhp seems a tad low tbh for a stage 2+ with fuel pump etc mods.

PSI is custom code afaik, so maybe this is why, but I know revo is higher numbers.

Would expect closer to 350 stage2+

Yeah 350-365 are numbers I know of, 330 is a remap, exhaust & intake usually.

Ok thanks, the 330bhp was just from the maf calculation which I no can sometimes be way off, it feels like it has a lot more, he plans to get it to MRC as its close to us to get it on the rollers

Get it on some rollers to get some more reliable figures. When I had my TTS, I had 3 different stages of tune which ran on the MRC dyno at:

Catback and map - 313PS
Added full exhaust - 338PS
Added HPFP - 352PS

I think the stock air intake on the S3 is a bit inferior to the TT so replacing this may help quite a bit.

amazing that you can get another 90 horses on these without changing the turbo ! alot of the 1.8t lads are using the turbo / manifold from this and making similar figures !

I couldn't believe how quick it was, just with simple mods and a remap Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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