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S3 at auction today - good price ?

Whilst at a BCA car auction in Blackbush today, i noticed a 59 plate S3 go through for 18500 under the hammer (so about 19200 gross).
11460 with an 8k service by Audi. 1 owner. Ex lombard finance/fleet car.

Is that a good price as 95% of prices paid where way OTT and made private sales in Autotrader look cheap. Eg 2002 A3, 1.6 56000miles, SH, 2835 total !!!! Madness!!

I have noticed lately at auction, late s3,s not doing over 20k, fellow trader near me got 09 3 door black edition (in black)sat nav 2 tone leather flat bottom 18ooo miles , he paid 21k, offered me yesterday@ 18500k if any one interested pm me ill send his number, am tempted selve but bit worried they still going to fall more.

People have always been spec and colour fussy with S3s; we've done very well lately with the slightly cheaper cars or those with a really special spec (buckets are still mega desirable).

Very late stuff has been going slightly slower and I've heard similar comments from other dealers too.

I'm sure they'll settle sooner or later, a lot like TTs the sheer number of cars available makes it tricky. Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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